Music Artist, Sidney Thompson Performs LIVE at The BlueFish in April


Music artist, Sidney Thompson, will be performing live April 11th, 18th and 25th at The BlueFish in Allen, Texas. A Texas girl at heart, Sidney’s original lyrics resonate a depth and wisdom beyond her years.  Many say Sidney’s voice is enchanting and  soulful  with a siren-like quality. At the age of only 15, Sidney’s talents for writing and performing became evident almost over-night. Now 18, Sidney, a high school senior, has since signed on with manager Jason Frizzell of OneOctober and has also been collaborating with music producer, Michael Carney. Read more about Sidney Thompson here.

Attend this LIVE Performance with Sidney Thompson, at The Blue Fish of Allen, Texas, main dining room.

Dates: April 11th, 18th and 25th

Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm

Join the Sidney Thompson community by visiting her website and login with Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


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New Look, New Site, New Sound for Music Artist Sidney Thompson

photo of music artist Sidney Thompson

Sidney Thompson’s star is rising… and fast. With a new look, new photos, a new website and new music in the works, Sidney’s career seems to have an incredible energy all it’s own.

The talented young music artist, referred to just a few years ago as a prodigy, released her first album when she was just 15. Now 18, the high-school senior has been traveling back and forth to Los Angeles to work on her new album, set to be released later this year.

Sidney is thrilled to be working alongside esteemed music producer, Michael Carney. “When we first met, Michael and I just clicked right away,” she said. “And when it comes to writing, we are literally on the same page. It’s just really cool to see what we can come up with in just one hour in the studio.”

Word has it, Sidney’s new music will be worth waiting for. With lyrics that contain tremendous depth, and vocals that have a riveting, memorable quality, Sidney is preparing to launch even higher into the the music stratosphere.


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