Best Breakup Songs of 2015 – Check Out “Not Your Problem” by Sidney Thompson


The risk in dating and falling in love is the possibility of everything coming to an end, resulting in the dreaded breakup. The perfect song to crank up in the process may actually help heal a broken heart more quickly. Here’s a Huffington Post article that drills down into how the songs you have on your playlist may eventually help lift you out of that dark, sad place–which many experience when a relationship falls apart. Yet, when sadness begins to subside, anger often rears it’s ugly head. Music can be just what the doctor ordered as a healthy outlet for that anger.

“Not Your Problem” by female music artist, Sidney Thompson, one of the songs featured on her new album LIGHT, is a great example of the perfect post-sadness break up song. Click here to listen–be sure to turn up the volume. Heartbreak never felt so good.

In the end, break up songs are plentiful, however when you find one that speaks directly to you, there is nothing better. Pop Sugar recently pulled together a list of the top 50 Best Breakup Songs of 2015–and not the crying, poor me type of songs. We’re talking about the see-you-around-loser-I-am-better-off-without-you songs. Music therapy at it’s finest.
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From Darkness to Light: Singer-Songwriter Sidney Thompson’s Song Reflects Challenge of Overcoming Depression

Gifted female singer-songwriter, Sidney Thompson’s new song, “Light” shines a spotlight on a major problem facing many people throughout the world today. The statistics are staggering. Over 350 million people suffer from depression in the United States alone, and many do not seek treatment out of fear of being stigmatized and end up suffering alone.

Expression of darker emotions is not the norm in a world where putting on a brave face in spite of challenges is expected. But with her powerful, emotionally-charged lyrics, Sidney alludes to her own personal struggle with depression, and finally seeing the light , her own light, beyond the darkness.

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Elle Magazine’s Women in Music 2014 Impressive: Singer-songwriter Sidney Thompson 2015 Update


Elle magazine annually honors standout female music artists. And in 2014 the line up was interesting, diverse and impressive. With singer-songwriter Sidney Thompson’s album “Light,” released in 2015, here’s hoping Elle will take notice.

In Elle’s 2014 music issue, Angel Haze, whom the magazine refers to as “The Outlaw,” feels that her recent music was as if she “…came out of the gate projectile vomiting my demons all over the place, it felt like immediately a weight had been lifted.” Iggy Azalea is “The Rap Renegade” yet says she is moving beyond just “giving a voice to brash girls” and hinted that she may be revealing more personal elements in her new music, whereas before the lyrics and music were just “an escape.” Foxes says when asked how to classify her style of music, “it’s whatever comes naturally” and that “it’s just music.” Cher makes a bold comeback as a “don’t-call-me-a-legend-or-icon” and says she hates labels. She requests of her fans, “just call me Cher.” Others featured are 80’s pop icon, Neneh Cherry, who is also making a long-awaited comeback; country darling Kacey Musgraves; the bold, talented Britt, Lily Allen; the unique and highly talented all –female band, Warpaint; the inspiring uber-talented Jetta, former teen sitcom actor turned mega-hit star, Ariana Grande, and the sultry “electro-soul starlet” Banks.

Sidney Thompson began her singing and songwriting career at the age of fifteen. Surprisingly, with little training, Sidney began churning out enough original songs to launch an album before she turned sixteen. Now twenty, she says her new album, LIGHT is a “reflection of my growth both personally and professionally.” And her title song “Light“ is based upon my personal journey coming out of a dark time in my life.”

“Light” is available on iTunes, CD Baby and various other music platforms. Visit to view “Light”, the music video and to listen to excerpts from each song.


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