Best Breakup Songs of 2015 – Check Out “Not Your Problem” by Sidney Thompson


The risk in dating and falling in love is the possibility of everything coming to an end, resulting in the dreaded breakup. The perfect song to crank up in the process may actually help heal a broken heart more quickly. Here’s a Huffington Post article that drills down into how the songs you have on your playlist may eventually help lift you out of that dark, sad place–which many experience when a relationship falls apart. Yet, when sadness begins to subside, anger often rears it’s ugly head. Music can be just what the doctor ordered as a healthy outlet for that anger.

“Not Your Problem” by female music artist, Sidney Thompson, one of the songs featured on her new album LIGHT, is a great example of the perfect post-sadness break up song. Click here to listen–be sure to turn up the volume. Heartbreak never felt so good.

In the end, break up songs are plentiful, however when you find one that speaks directly to you, there is nothing better. Pop Sugar recently pulled together a list of the top 50 Best Breakup Songs of 2015–and not the crying, poor me type of songs. We’re talking about the see-you-around-loser-I-am-better-off-without-you songs. Music therapy at it’s finest.
Photo Credit: WolfS♡ul via Compfight cc

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