“Sidney Thompson is just a Texas girl at heart. Yet the lyrics she writes resonate a depth and wisdom beyond her years. And with an enchanting, soulful voice, and a siren-like quality, Sidney’s star is most certainly rising. With early influences of John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Adele, Sidney’s talent for writing and performing became evident, almost over-night. “One day, I simply felt inspired to write down a few lyrics and before I knew it, I had written numerous songs. It’s almost as if something, or someone had lit a fire within my heart. Since then, I guess you could say I have been unstoppable.” Sidney was only 15 when she released her first album “Colors.”

“Sid showed us early on she was marching to the beat of her own drummer” says Sidney’s father who initially was her business manager. “She has always seemed to intuitively know the direction she was destined to move towards. And that was to become a serious singer & songwriter . And when she dove in full force, we were truly blown away by the level of talent she exhibited.”

When asked what inspires the now 18 year old music artist, Sidney says “In the process of my songwriting, I find that I am inspired by everyday life situations. By my friends, my adventures, even silly romantic movies. Inspiration is everywhere!”

Besides writing and performing her own music, Sidney’s passions include fashion, Mexican food and hanging with her friends. Plus her new “love” Sonny, “The most adorable dog in the world and the latest addition to my life.” says Sidney.

Traveling back and forth to Los Angeles from her hometown in Texas, Sidney is actively working on creating new music. She has teamed up with talented music producer, Michael Carney. “When we first met, Michael and I just clicked right away.” says Sidney.

“And when it comes to writing we are literally on the same page. It’s just really cool to see what we can come up with in just one hour in the studio.”

Regarding her manager, Jason Frizzell of One October Management “Jason is like my long lost brother. I go to him with questions, or things that I might feel weird about and need clarity on a particular issue. Actually, he is the coolest person and I am thrilled to be working with him.”

Sidney is currently working on her new album in Los Angeles which will be released in the Summer of 2013.