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Best concert in a loooong time. I went to Maroon 5/ Train concert and it was amazing! Honestly Train did a better job involving the audience and such but all in all it was a great concert. It’s so cool how going to something like that motivates me so much, I’m ready to get the gigs going haha. Playing a gig is like the best adrenaline rush ever, it takes almost an hour after the show to wear off at least, and being up on stage is so clarifying if that makes any sense whatsoever, my songs make the most sense to me when Im on stage singing them for people, it’s like I relive where I was when I wrote the song, it’s the craziest thing but I love it.

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Sing Me a Song…

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”

-William Shakespeare

Sometimes I wish I could sing my songs to the exact person I wrote them for. People can go away from you physically but some just leave a mark emotionally that will be there forever. All my songs are about real people, people who have made my life so amazing, who have touched me and brought these songs out of me. On the other hand, sometimes you have a situation you just cant put into words. Thats when it gets frustrating you feel like you just cant justify what you’re really feeling through a song. William Shakespeare always seemed to word it just right, talk about inspiration. His writings were and still are what people turn to, to explain how they feel. I hope one day my songs can be that for people.:) Until then, I’ll be writing and singing:) We have scheduled a gig at Ricks Chophouse on the square on September 29th, times are coming soon. Hope everyone can make it!! Thank you for all the support.

Sidney Thompson Band

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God has the Ultimate Green Thumb

Something that inspires me the most hmmmm… question of the day. I’d have to say nature. Sitting outside with my guitar is when all the songs are going to come out. I remember visiting a friend in Nashville who lived on an amazing piece of land, and as I sat outside I was DYING for a guitar hahah I knew if i just had a guitar, paper and a pen I could write an album right then and there. Its amazing how God can do that, can create something so beautiful to inspire the most incredible things. It’s important to try and draw inspiration from everywhere, but for some reason when the weather gets creative, so do I. I’ve been thinking of cover songs to sing lately. I don’t know whether listeners want to hear new stuff or the old stuff that a lot of people know. I personally dont have a preference, feel free to write a song title on our facebook wall, leave a comment or a video even if you enjoy singing, I’d LOVE to do a duet sometime. Thank you everyone for all the continuous support. Gigs are coming up everyone get ready!! Until later…

Sidney Thompson

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